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At Tuck End Boxes, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our terms and conditions are written in order to avoid any misunderstandings that may lead to actions or mishaps which could be prevented by discussing the matter with our team beforehand. We welcome all questions you might have about us; please do not hesitate contact us through email or phone! Thank-you again–we look forward Working Relationship.

Terms of Use

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they govern your right of entry. The following are some important things that you should know about the website’s policies, including any additional rules or regulations posted on this site at anytime without notice to users like yourself:

Tuck End Boxes is an entrepreneurial endeavor and we’re making every effort to provide you with the most beneficial terms possible.

We hope that these changes will be satisfying!

Exclusive Copyrights And Trademarks

Copyright (c) 2021 Tuck End Boxes. ALL THE COPYRIGHTS ARE HELD IN RESERVE. Therefore, it will an illegal act if any of the content, material, or software is copied, misused, or republished from the tuckendboxes.com website.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you are solely responsible for the use of any content on this website – be it in text form or visual. You can’t include third party trademarks without prior permission from their owner so please make sure that if there’s anything related to another company its yours!

Tuck End Boxes only offers the following terms and conditions to those who purchase its products, unless otherwise agreed upon. These shall be applied in preference over any other standard or printed material tendered by clients:

Customer Conduct

You agree and accept that you shall not send, upload or post anything on our website that is illegal or offensive. You also understand the importance of respecting intellectual property rights when it comes down to Tuck End Boxes’ products!

We understand that you may not agree with the content of our website, and we are sorry for any offense it might cause. However if a user posts something on this site which offends or insults them in some way then I will ask them to remove it immediately as its very important to me personally when someone takes responsibility over what they write.

This means no threats but instead open dialogue between everyone involved so everyone can learn from each other

All information, data and statistics on the website are the sole responsibility of its authors. You must be accountable for anything you post or send us through this site; we will not accept any posted material that is unlawful in nature.

Tuck End Boxes will never be legally responsible for your content, so if you find something that’s offensive then it goes without saying- don’t come looking in our direction.

You agree that tuckendboxes.com has the right and liberty to remove any material which violate our terms of services, but we will always keep your content private if required by law or legal circumstances in those cases where:

Discover how this company ensures protection for its users with their innovative approach!

In accordance with the law, it is my duty to act.

– Implement the terms of service;

– answer to claims that the content disrupts the rights of third-parties; or

– protect the rights, property, or personal safety of tuckendboxes.com, its users, and the community.

Artwork Sent By Clients

tuckendboxes.com requires that all artwork, designs and graphics be submitted in CMYK format with the least resolution of 300 DPI to ensure quality transformations from RGB color modes

Tuck End Boxes is dedicated entirely toward creating custom box orders for businesses like yours! This means every logo needs special attention when printed onto thick paper or cardboard– not just ones on t-shirts; Printing colors must always remain vivid even if they will never shine so brightly under normal lighting conditions because people need boxes now too (and who doesn’t love surprises?).

Tuck End Boxes is not responsible for any artwork that gets distorted, damaged or pixilated after submitting it.

Printing Products: Proofing And Matching

We offer our users to approve evidence (a digital file or hard copy) of the printing stocks. After an order has been placed, final artwork proofs are sent through email for customers’ review and evaluation before production begins in earnest.”

Once approved, our design team will carefully replicate all of your favorite aspects and colors. We guarantee that there are no major errors in the production process because we checked every detail with you first!

Customers are Responsible For All The Design And Layout Approval before Printing

tuckendboxes.com is NOT ACCOUNTABLE for mistakes or misprinting caused by

Graphics Positioning

– Unfitting Font Usage

– Spelling, Grammatical and Punctuation Errors

– Wrong Die cuts, tears or Improper and Omitted Folds

– Completed Product Specifications

Color Correctness

Tuck End Boxes team has been working hard to get you that perfect color or print for your business. We work with all approved templates, but sometimes due printing limitations some variation might occur in the final product- this is why our 90% precision guarantee will always ensure a close replica of what was originally ordered!

Protection And Constraint Of Liability

To the extent that tuckendboxes.com is found to have been breached in any way, you agree and undertake as a result of these Terms and Conditions that it shall be your responsibility not only cover all costs related but also rational-legal fees should they arise from legal action against yourself or others associated with creating content for use on our site without prior approval under this agreement between us where applicable

I am inviting anyone who has used images/graphics which were not part standard design elements when posting them onto products sold through tuckendboxes.com etc.,

Limitation Of Liability

In no event shall Tuck End Boxes or its licensors, suppliers, owners and dealers be liable for any special indirect consequential damages of any kind. This includes but is not limited to loss of use data profits whether or not a claim has been presented with proof that tuckendboxes.com was advised about the possibility of damage

Refund Policy

There are three things that you need to do in order for your refund request be considered valid. The first is updating us at tuckendboxes.com with accurate information about the delivery of goods, second being within 3 business days after they’re delivered – this ensures we have enough time since many packages take longer than expected due their custom nature or other facilities provided by customer service teams like printing products etc., lastly if there was an issue on our side which caused damages during shipping then up until 20% would probably get reimbursed depending how much it weighed out before deductions were taken into account.

In Case Of Replacement

The customer must notify Tuck End Boxes of any defects, damage or missing items discovered in the delivered products within 3 business days after which we will not be responsible. Customers need to return at least 99% of all shipped goods with 10 days left on their delivery date if they wish for a refund so long as it is approved by our team manager and inspection can take place then!

Damaged/ Misplaced/ Lost Packages

It is important to inspect packages for signs of damage or missing items before accepting them. If you notice anything suspicious, notify our team and the shipping courier as soon as possible so we can take care of it right away!

-All customers are responsible for reporting any issues less than 3 days from delivery date at their own expense because Tuck End Boxes won’t cover those costs if not reported within this time frame

When an item is ordered, it generally arrives with plenty of extra pieces. Extra delivery expenses will be charged for packages that must go back because the customer made a mistake submitting their correct shipping address on orders- but not to worry! They’ve got your back: free pickup in store or same day shipping as long as these errors are caught before processing has begun (and there’s no need refunding).


tuckendboxes.com observes the following holidays:

– New Year’s Day

– Day After New Year’s Day

– Patrick’s Day

– Good Friday

– Easter Monday

– Victoria Day / National Patriots’ Day

– Canada Day

– Labour Day

– Thanksgiving Day

– Christmas

– Boxing Day

Order Shipment And Delivery

Tuck End Boxes is committed to meeting the needs of our customers while ensuring that deadlines for delivery are met. In cases where unexpected issues arise, such as delays in manufacturing or transportation due a technical problem beyond control they will ensure your order still meets its deadline without incurring rush charges on top of any additional fees caused by these circumstances- however if there’s no printing capacity available when it comes time deliver orders then those who ordered after yours may need their product sooner rather than later!

tuckendboxes.com assures timely fulfillment with commitment through both anticipation and expedience before even considering refunding.

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