Privacy Policy

Purpose of the Privacy Policy.

Our Adherence to Confidentiality

Tuck End Boxes does not share or sell any personal information of our clients to other parties, except for billing and shipping purposes. We will disclose your data when legally required according to privacy laws but also in order to protect our interests as well as those visitors on the website who don’t want their identity revealed either by choice or necessity.

Secure Personal Information

Tuck End Boxes is committed to protecting the information you share with us. We will only use this information for purposes of fulfilling your order, billing, or shipping an invoice precisely as described on our website.


Tuck End Boxes provide a safe place where shoppers can purchase products online without having any fear that their credit card details are being misused by hackers who may try accessing these pages through insecure web browsers,” says Tuck End Boxes., “Our site uses industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption between server and browser when making transactions so all data sent during interactions stay secure.


To place an order with Tuck End Boxes, a user must first fill out our quotation form. During the submission process for this form, they are required to provide their complete name and email address in addition to any other financial information needed by us like credit card numbers or billing addresses. Your contact details will be used so that transactions can take place on your behalf when purchasing products from us while bills indicate what services have been rendered at no cost directly through these websites without involving third-party vendors such as banks or collection agencies.

When a customer places an order, we request their information on our secure and easy-to-use website. The form includes contact details such as name, email address, and shipping address but also financial data like credit card number or expiration date in case of online payments with PayPal that is used for authorization purposes only when processing transactions securely through Authorise Net payment gateway service provider who will charge your account accordingly after receiving confirmation from us about successful completion.

We may also need this information to reach out if there are any problems during the fulfillments process; otherwise, everything should go smoothly until then!


We use persistent cookies which are pieces of data collected and stored on the user’s hard drive storage linked to information about them for a long period. They can be omitted by making removing it from your internet browser settings, but these days most people have no idea how or where do they even start! The reason being is because nowadays every online store has implemented this feature as standard procedure in order to Track users’ browsing history with all sorts of helpful features like remembering what pages were viewed last time along with other useful bits & bobs useful when navigating through websites – not just one-way traffic either; there’ll also come times where you want more control over how much private info gets fed into third-party servers.

Cookies are used by both Tuck End Boxes and the Tuck End Boxes order section to uniquely identify users, enable baskets for placing orders. When you turn off your cookies or use an incognito mode in Internet Explorer (Private browsing), then our site will not be able to work properly with these features turned on.”

The company uses log files like most standard website servers which include information not linked to personally identifiable information such as internet protocol (IP) addresses, referring/exit pages, and platform type. They also collect extensive demographic data for collective use.

Log Files

The Tuck End Boxes team is always looking for ways to improve your experience. Membership subscriptions are the best way we know-how help you save money on all of those fun items that come in nifty packages or boxes! So if you’ve been thinking about subscribing, here’s what I have recommended doing:

Communications from the Site

Special Offers, Discounts and Updates

  1. A) Check this list below first before signing up (or emailing us at – do these apply? If not then send an email to unsubscribe request; B ) Decide whether it’s a one-time purchase OR monthly subscription gift box …and C), Find out where can get it.

Our customer support team is always on standby to help our users with any questions or issues. We have a 24/7 email and phone line where they can reach out for immediate assistance, as well as more personalised communication via live chat throughout the day!

The one thing that sets us apart from other companies in this industry? You’ll never feel abandoned when reaching out because we’re here every minute of every day – just ask those who already trust International’s premier products first hand.”

We try our utmost to protect your privacy by not disclosing personal information unless required. You may be asked for this when it’s legally necessary, like in connection with court proceedings or legal processes served on the site; we’ll let you know if that happens!

Legal Disclaimer

We work with an external shipping company to deliver your order and a credit card processing organisation that bills you for products or services. These companies do not have permission to retain user information after completing the transaction, so we never store it ourselves!

Third-Party Service Providers

When we use our third-party service companies to complete tasks and orders, they will only have access to the most relevant information about you. However, even when relying on these outside organisations for assistance with an order or delivery process like processing payments etc., your data is always protected by a contract which means it cannot be used in their own marketing initiatives without prior consent from us first!

We will not sell or disclose your personal information to another company for their own marketing purposes unless you have requested it be done so. We also maintain the right, in some circumstances (like when it’s required by law), that we may share this type of data with other organisations on behalf of our clients’ needs – but only after seeking approval first!

Tuck End Boxes may undergo a business transition such as a merger or acquisition which will require us to sell our assets and users’ personal data might also be transferred. We inform them in case they miss notifications of change by posting it on the company website, social media channels like Facebook, etc., though changes are made with regards notification process itself when notified customers to request for more information about their rights under GDPR.

Business Transitions

You have a choice about whether you wish to receive information from us or not while placing an order. For those who do not want the hassle of subscribing, simply check off any boxes that are relevant and complete your purchase with ease!

Opting Out of Retailing and Preference Alert

Protect your phone number with spam filters! You can stop unwanted calls, texts, or emails at any time by contacting our 24/7 customer care team. So go ahead and keep the peace of mind that comes just from knowing this is an option for you.

As your customer, if you no longer wish to receive any of our messaging services such as the newsletter and promotional emails then there is an easy way for us to unsubscribe. Simply fill out this form or write in with whatever details are required at (including a copy/paste) so that we may promptly remove all future communication regarding these matters.

We advise our users to read carefully the privacy statements of any site they visit that appears in linking from this one. We cannot be held accountable for how other sites use your personal information, so please check their policies before submitting any sensitive data!

Links with Other Websites

We protect your data with SSL encryption, the best in business. When you submit personal or sensitive information during registration at our website (for example credit card number), it is securely transmitted over both online and offline channels to ensure safety of transactions for all users on this site

People often forget about security when they are shopping but one easy way that people can be sure their account will never get hacked is by using SSL certified servers which provide an extra layer between them and any hacker looking try access customer records.


We use SSL encryption to protect your data on the web, but we also make sure that client information remains secure when they are offline. All of our client’s personal details and contact numbers are protected with a guarantee from us only – restricted access by those employees or assistants who need it for specific tasks such as billing assistance or customer care agents in order to prevent misuse of this sensitive information.

We’re committed to transparency and accountability in the use of our users’ data. If any changes come about, we’ll let you know on your login page or through email updates like this one!

We take privacy very seriously so please don’t hesitate if there are any questions about what information is used by us – just contact customer service for more details.

We will only use data in a way that is different from what was originally expressed if we have informed our users and they have chosen to allow it.

Supplementation of Information

If the user has opted out of all correspondence with us or deactivated their account, then they will not receive any emails about changes to our privacy policies. We also provide a notice on this page so that users know why any new terms have been implemented and how these could affect them personally as well as what information might now be collected from visitors due in part to those updates.

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